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3rd Party Notification Email Id


3rd Party Notification Email Id

I'm going to be setting up a members only site. When they sign up on the site, I want them to automatically be added to our mailing list as well. It will be clearly stated that they are signing up for both access & communication...

For this process to be seamless (1-step registration, not 2-step), the program I'll be using requires an "Autoresponder Email Id" to be placed in the “3rd Party Notification Emails” field. I've been searching my account, and don't see an autoresponder email ID (e.g. biggsuccessweeky@constantcontact.com) Is there such an ID in my CC acount?

I have this http://visitor.constantcontact.com/d.jsp?m=1101877000000&p=oi (not actual ID #), but I need  an email ID.

The person I chatted with in technical support said she thought I needed an API and suggested I bring up this subject in here.

I appreciate your help!




Each email does have a specific ID which refers to just that email, but this is not something that is directly accessible to you inside of our website. I am unsure how providing this ID is going to interact with the 3rd party program that you are using however. Our autoresponder will send a series of emails to users in specific lists in your account depending on what time they became subscribers to your account.


I'm not sure how an autoresponder ID would not cause this email to send or not to send, but if you can give me some more details on this perhaps I can be of more assistance? 


From our perspective, if you wanted this to be a one set process, you would need your sign up form to add a new contact and make sure they are subscribed to a list in your account that is setup to receive an autoresponder. For more information regarding autoresponder emails, please visit this FAQ. Once they are on that list they will automatically start receiving your autoresponder series based on how you have it set up.

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