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API Capability Added: Retrieve Detailed Campaign Results

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API Capability Added: Retrieve Detailed Campaign Results

The Constant Contact REST APIs were recently expanded.
New functionality includes:

  • Campaign Events Service- This resource is used to access the detailed results of an email Campaign. Does your application need to know who opened a recent email campaign? Who clicked a specific URL link in the campaign? This is the resource you need.

  • API Fixes and Extensions- Our recent release includes updates to the "Activities" bulk upload resource (to remove error messages), and the "Contacts Resource" (to provide more streamlined update of State and Country and to make the behavior of Contact OptInSource more consistent with the Constant Contact UI).

  • The documentation for these new API resources, can be found in the API reference section of this developer web site.

    Good luck! As always, let us know what you think - and what you would like to see added!

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