API Release Notes - 5/7/2012 Release


API Release Notes - 5/7/2012 Release

Here are the significant changes and/or defect corrections that were made available in the 5/7/2012 Constant Contact API release:




API: 500 ERROR upon update of Contact in Visitor status Only large list customers

Fixed to avoid 500 error in this valid case.

OAuth2 flow returns error 500 when using parameter redirect_url instead of redirect_uri.

Fixed to return a more appropriate error message: 400 : A redirect_uri parameter must be supplied.

Hootsuite gives 403 error always

The Hootsuite integration was returning a 403 always. There was a configuration problem in the Hootsuite app that has been resolved. Users will now correctly see the login page (if they have not yet authenticated) or their streams (if they are already authenticated).

Hootsuite Help URL is incorrect

The Help URL for the HootSuite APP is incorrect. App was updated to show correct help URL: http://help.hootsuite.com/forums/20406882-constant-contact-app-faqs

Error page when new SO choose 'cancel' in the key creating page

On the API key page on developer.constantcontact.com, if an SO who has 0 API keys hits the 'Cancel' link, a 500 error used to occur. We fixed this by always displaying the API list page, even if there were no keys in the list. We added a message "You have no existing API keys" so that the user could interpret the page properly.

WebService Schedule Campaign - Cannot Schedule a Campaign for an SO

Previously, there were cases where an SO could not schedule a campaign via the external Campaigns API. This was traced to an issue with case-sensitive compare between the SO name as provided in the API URI and the SO name as stored in our database. The compare is now case-insensitive, which resolved the issue.

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