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API Release Notes - 9/23/2011 Release


API Release Notes - 9/23/2011 Release


Here are the significant changes and/or defect corrections that were made available in the 9/23/2011 Constant Contact API release:




Perform Get on REST resources using invalid accept header gives 404 instead of 406

Certain REST resources (Templates, SiteOwner) will return a 404 error when a GET request is made that does not include a valid accept header. This is incorrect. The proper return code is a 406. Programmers should ensure to add a valid accept header to all such requests. Additionally, programmers should check for a 406 error instead of checking for a 404 error in their error handling routines.

OAuth 1.0a: Update implementation to use login.constantcontact.com for credentials verification

Constant Contact is standardizing on a single authentication application (login.constantcontact.com) for all applications. Accordingly, our OAuth 1.0a implementation now used this application for credentials verification as part of the token flow. This should have no impact on programmers, but end users will notice that the login page is now different.

Create Folder with No Name element gives 500 error

When attempting a POST operation to create a new Folder, the operation fails with a 500 error if the XML contains an empty or missing 'Name' element. This is incorrect behavior. This has been fixed so that the error code is now a 400, with an error message of the form "Your are missing the following required elements: [Name]".

Production Issue: MIME type support for Adobe .air

When attempting to download the Contact Capture Tool, a bug in the HTML page caused the download to fail because the MIME type (Adobe .air file) was not supported. This has been corrected and the Contact Capture Tool can now be successfully downloaded.

Add field length checking for Contact Add and Update Apis

Previously when issuing POST or PUT operations on Contacts via the contacts REST API, field lengths were not being checked. This caused 500 errors to be returned with stack traces. The behavior has been fixed. Fields that are too long or missing will now return 400 errors with the problem fileds listed in the error text.

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