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API access to social share links, etc. (Pretty pretty please?? :) )

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API access to social share links, etc. (Pretty pretty please?? :) )

Seems the only access is grabbing the social share URL for template-based emails.


I'm using the API to more easily put in my non-template, custom-code emails.  It would save me so much time if I didn't have to go to the website to get the social share URL, because I have to embed that into each email.  So now, I first create the emails, then put them into the system, then grab the social share URL, then feed it into the emails, then I have to put the emails back in, because they're not actually done until I can get that social share URL. 


It would be so awesome if we could have API access to generate / grab those links; and maybe even schedule the social posts too?


Pretty pretty pretty please??


Thank you guys!  I'm grateful for the API.


This is something we are looking to add in a future enhancement to our API.  No ETA on this now as it's too early to talk dates in our development schedule.  We'll let you know once it's added.  We'll be adding lots of new social features this year with the future launch of our new Social Campaigns product and related API features as we've been discussing the past few months. 

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