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Add sent_to_contact_lists array to Email Campaign Collections response for each email campaign


Add sent_to_contact_lists array to Email Campaign Collections response for each email campaign


I am currently using Constant Contact API v2


If i have a list id and want to see which email campaigns got sent to a certain list currently i have to...and please correct me if i am wrong....


  1. Get Email Campaign Collections
  2. Loop through each result in step 1 and Get Individual Email Campaign and get "sent_to_contact_lists" and check if that list is the one i am looking for.

Please let me know if there is a simpler way of doing this?





Hi Wayne,


Sorry if this seems overcomplicated, but I believe you're doing this in the most efficient manner possible. We actually haven't gotten many related requests, although we do get requests to see other types of list history data. Our data structure currently doesn't store much history for lists particularly and that's why you have to go through another avenue, like getting the email campaigns first like you are. Storing more list history would be a rather large feature and/or infrastructure change for us, but I will pass on your feedback!


Best Regards,

Shannon Wallace

Partner API Support Engineer

Thanks Shannon for the quick reply.


I agree with Wayne.

I would be great to see a column in the contact list which shows what campaign was emailed to the contact and on what date. Sometimes a contact says they didn't receive it and I have to dig around to find out if I actually sent it and when I sent it!


Please consider adding this feature to your service.


To get you started, let’s review some of the different types of emails you absolutely need to be sending your list…

1. The Welcome Email

Your welcome email is the email you send a subscriber within 24 hours after they opt in to your list. It’s a simple email that tells them how happy you are that they’ve subscribed, and then lays out some of the things they can expect to receive in their inbox.


2. The Offer Email

This email includes a discount, coupon, or some other special deal that you send out to subscribers as a “thank you” for being on your VIP list. Offer emails typically have high open rates.


3. The Survey Email

A really good email marketing campaign isn’t a monologue… it’s a dialogue. You can’t expect to shower your subscribers with emails without ever asking them for their input krogerfeed

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