Autoresponder linking to an opt-in form outside of constant contact


Autoresponder linking to an opt-in form outside of constant contact

Hello All,

Ok, I have a squeeze page that contains an opt-in form that I would like to link to a constant contact autoresponder. How in the world do I do this? What html code do I use? This seems like it should be fairly easy, but so far it's not been. To be clear, I don't want to use any of the constant contact provided 'join my mailing list' forms or buttons, because my site already has it's own. All i want to do is ensure that when someone puts in their first name and email address, that the info goes into a constant contact list that is setup with an autoresponder, and that person then receives an autoresponder email.


HEELLLPPPP!! Thank you!


We do certainly have some options for signing contacts up for your mailing list other than the standard join my mailing list form, however, this would involve some programming knowledge from either yourself or a developer.


If your site already has its own form, you would need to change what happens once that form is submitted. In order to add a contact to a specific list, once your form is submitted, you would need to perform an HTTP post and submit valid XML containing the contact’s information in the request body. For information on this you can take a look at Creating a New Contact.


In order to force this contact to be added to a specific list(s) set up to receive an autoresponder, you would specify a <ContactList> node for each of those particular lists. For more information on this, I would recommend viewing Adding or Removing a Contact From a List.


Finally, you may want to take a look at our Sample Forms in PHP, C#, and ColdFusion which may be helpful for getting started using our API.


David J

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