Bulk Activity operation - Exporting Events


Bulk Activity operation - Exporting Events

In considering the refreshing of data from Constant Contact into our integrated system on a nightly basis, it seems like the largest missing piece would be a bulk activity for events (that can be garnered in piecemeal fashion from Campaign Events or Contact Events API it appears).

Any plans to introduce a bulk activity for this which would naturally take some sort of parameter for "all events after this datetime" so that I would only be requesting new ones?



This if a feature we offer in our website software.  We allow the exporting of all reports for all emails (Opens, Bounces, Clicks).  I have forwarded this request to our Product Management group.  If we implement this extension of the bulk activities, we will post on the developer website to let all our developers know.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

We are building a real-time integration between our application and Constant Contact and sorely need the ability to retrieve only a subset of campaign results.  Some of our customers have over 1000 campaigns and the fact that we must retrieve them all in order to get campaign event details leads to a poor user experience with lots of waiting.   If were were able to retrieve only new or updated campaigns, we could better optimize our solution.  Any time frame for introducing this feature? 

 -Marc Siegel

Regular Participant

Hi Marc,

As a workaround you could just get the campaigns with a certain status (SENT for example) by using the query campaigns collection, alternatively simply get all DRAFT campaigns then save the ID to your own database and use those ID's to only grab the specific campaign data you want.


Hope that helps.


James Benson, PHP Developer.

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