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Bulk Contacts export fields

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Bulk Contacts export fields

Can you make an options for the bulk contacts export that includes all of the fields we can get with the contacts collection call?



Not having access to teh contact id, for example, makes the bulk download difficult to cross-reference with other non-bulk api results.

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Re: Bulk Contacts export fields

Hi Mike,


Let me extend our apology for the difficulty that not having contact_ids in a bulk export result causes in trying to sync it with contact records obtained from the Contact Collection and Resource endpoints. 


I have brought this to the attention of our Product Owner. We will bring this request to the team owning the underlying bulk contact action service, and ask them to add this property to what they currently expose. A larger ask will be for them to provide all properties available via the Contact endpoints. 


Feel free to contact me either in the forum or via PM for a status update.


Best Regards,



Rich Marcucella
Sr. Technical Writer, Content Developer
Web Services Team