Bulk Export Contacts - access to other fields

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Bulk Export Contacts - access to other fields

It seems that when exporting contacts using the "Bulk Activities - Export Contacts Endpoint", you only get a limited set of fields. And you can get the rest with an additional call to the "Contacts Endpoint". Which is not very productive- the bulk endpoint should give you all the info you need and not need to make other calls to the API.


Can you please include all contact fields in the bulk export? I only need all phone numbers, but it should include every other field as well.




Are there specific fields which are not available in bulk export but are available in individual contacts you would like to see added?  There are some limitations which we are aware of and are evaluating plans to add in a future release such as:


  • Contact ID (this is our top priority to add for a future release)
  • Created Date
  • Modified Date
  • Prefix
  • Source
  • Source_Details
  • Comfirmation Status

Any feedback on which fields you would need in the bulk export would be helpful.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

I would find it useful to have the cell/mobile phone in the bulk export file.



Thanks for the feedback.  We are planning on enhancing all of the Contact Management endpoints, including bulk, to have access to the full breadth of Contact Management features in our UI.  Mobile/Cell Number will be included in this update.  I don't have any timeline to provide to you at this time but it is one of our top priorities in our backlog.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

Hello Dave,


Wondering would it be possible to include contact.email_addresses into the bulk export, so that we could know when each of the contacts opted in or opt out by checking contact.email_addresses.opt_in_date or contact.email_addresses.opt_out_date.







This is a great idea. I will make sure this suggestion is looked at.

Jimmy D.
Tier II API Support Engineer

Hi Jason,


Thanks very much for the feedback. It looks like we'll be able to make this happen before long. We're planning to give you all of the fields that are available for export in our product in the API, and that includes email, opt-in date for active contacts, and opt-out date for unsubscribed contacts.


Best Regards,

Shannon Wallace

Product Owner, Webservices

Constant Contact

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