Click tracks across all emails

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Click tracks across all emails

Hi, I am looking at getting click-through rates for a single url over all campaigns that we sent (or at least from the one the url was in). Is that possible with the current API?

I looked around & couldn't find anything that would give that information.



All of our Click Through tracking is email campaign specific.  So for example, if you tracked clicks to over 10 email campaigns, that would track as 10 different links in 10 different emails.  As such, there is no central point that adds the total clicks to that link over multiple email campaigns.  


I have sent feedback for this type of link tracking enhancement to our product development team as it seems like something that would be good to have for trending purposes.  If you would like to provide additional feedback, please send an email to with your suggestions.


Please note, this is a feature that is not offered in any way in the Constant Contact program and is not a limitation with the API.  You can programatically put together a total list using the events collections for multiple campaigns and retrieve this information that way.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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