Custom field length limit is not documented.

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Custom field length limit is not documented.

I have a pdf file provided by for the SiteVisitorAPI 1.0 and it doesn't mention a limit on field length for any of the fields.  We deployed the API on a dozen web sites many months ago and I just realized today that when you type more then 40 or 45 characters, that it fails to add the visitor.  Because of these failures, my client may have lost valuable leads.  Please update the documentation and consider removing the restrictions on field length.   We just want to be able to capture a longer free-text "comments" field in forms.   I will be cropping the data short as a quick fix.


The character limits for all of our Custom Text fields is 50 characters.  I am going to look into the issue you are seeing with 40-45 character strings causing problems for you as this should not be the case.  In the meantime, you can see this FAQ here for the character lengths of all our fields:


FAQ 2217


I will also look into our documentation and make sure that it is updated and not misleading in any way.  Thank you for the feedback!

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

As a user, it has been on my wish list to have at least SOME of the custom text fields hold more than 50 characters.  100 characters would be more than enough for my purposes as I would be using custom text fields for unique urls -  i.e. a url which is unique to each user.  It would help in rifling my marketing information and pointing customers to EXACTLY the content and unique webpage I want them to see.  Is there any chance that could be added to a future upgrade of the service?

(There are 7 characters in http:// (8 if I'm using a secure page), 19 additional characters before the first forward slash of my webdomain, 11 in the first folder name, and 5 in the .html, leaving only 8 characters left for customizing a page name which (of course) I didn't do because back before CC, I didn't know I ought to!)

As a bonus, if the contents of a custom text field could be designated to function as a clickable hyperlink that would be even better.  SOME email clients will automatically format text beginning with http:// or www. so that it appears and functions as a hyperlink (even if created as plain text), but not all email clients seem to do so and something about the format of my CC campaign mail pieces seems to interfere with it being presented that way.

I'm an experienced user of Constant Contact, but new to this forum.


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Gary, the custom fields can be used as a variable in a URL so you can have the static part of your URL's hard-coded in the template and only substitute the dynamic part with values from custom fields.  You would refer to them as $SUBSCRIBER.CUSTOMTEXTn$ where n is the custom field number.

For exmaple, if you have "Gary" in custom field 1, you can put in a URL like the following in the template:$SUBSCRIBER.CUSTOMTEXT1$

This will actually substitute the variable with the value from the custom field for each email that goes out.

Please note that this functionality works only in an actual email that is sent out, not in preview.  Also, this works only if you turn off tracking.

This may not satisfy your needs completely, especially with tracking, but may at least present a workable solution.




If you are working with Custom Code (HTML or XHTML) and not one of our templates, please send us an email to our webservices support team. I can assist you with the way to set that up using Custom Fields and give you a demo in your account.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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