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Enhancement request

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Enhancement request

Thanks for all the new docs and features your creating, progressing nicely!.

I have a small request.


Would be nice if this can be extended so we can export contacts from multiple contact lists.

Would be even nicer if we could get an export of all ACTIVE contacts in one single file without having to give a contact list to export.

These would be really useful for syncing a system with constant contact among other things.



James Benson, PHP Developer.

Constant Contact Services: http://integrationservic.es/


Hi James,


Thanks for the feedback.  Some of what you are looking for is already there.  You are able to export any of the system defined lists including Do Not Mail, Removed and Active.  Here is a sample encoded form for the Active resource:




I will look into this as a possible enhancement to the bulk activity though.  In the UI, you have the ability to merge lists into another one which can then be exported.  This functionality would end up providing you with the ability to export multiple lists in a fashion.  Thanks again for the feedback!


Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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