Event-triggered e-mail from external source

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Event-triggered e-mail from external source

I'm looking to trigger an e-mail via an event in another software program. My company validates tickets and would like to trigger e-mails to ticket holders as they enter the event. Is there a way to create a list of ticket holders and then slowly send out the e-mail as they enter?

any help is appreciated!


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CCSFG generator message

Warning: fopen(../ccsfg.log) : failed to open stream: Permission denied in D:\Hosting\6101473\html\CCSFG\setup\functions.php on line 179

Cannot open ../ccsfg.log


Can you help me here




The type of email sending

The type of email sending you're talking about is generally refered to as "Transactional Emails".  The Constant Contact service is focused more on the sending of bulk Email Marketing messages.  While it is possible to use us to emulate a Transactional Email system, it is not easy and requires manual scheduling of the emails.  We currently do not expose the ability to schedule emails to our public API users.  We will update if this changes in the future.

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Re: CCSFG generator message

This error can usually be caused if you do not have appropriate permissions in the CCSFG directory to allow you to write a file. You would want to insure that you have read, write, and execute privledges in that folder in order for it to allow you to create the ccsfg.log file. Once you have the correct permissions set, this error should go away.

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