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Facebook Connect

Current site registration adds users to their choice of Constant Contact email lists. We do not use confirmation page. Would like to offer Facebook connect on registration page allowing users to create an account using their FB credentials and also at the same time sign up for their email preferences. Any ideas on how to do that?




I am not very familiar with facebooks API; however, I do know that it is possible to get an email address using it.  You would then be able to pass that email address to our API servers with correct contact XML, which you can find more about here.


I did some research to see if Facebook has a tutorial on how to get started with their API to connect with Facebook on your website, and I found this, which you may find useful in creating this integration.


If you have any questions please let me know.

Benjamin Soder
NOC Analyst
Constant Contact

An additional resource you'd want to leverage this information is that you need access to each of the users email permission.  This is one of the many permission features that you can get when having someone register as a Facebook user on your site using Facebook Connect.  Once you have this through the Connect flow, you would simply need to leverage the Graph API to pull that users information back.  Here is the information available on any given user and the permissions required.


As Ben mentioned, once you have this information, you can leverage our API to pass this on to Constant Contact through any of our libraries.  While we are not able to assist with the Facebook development side beyond providing resources, we can provide you with libraries for the Constant Contact APIs.  You could also try hiring a developer to do all of this work on yoru behalf as well.  Here is a list of all the developers who have worked with Constant Contact APIs.  I know that all of them have also worked on a variety of social media applications as well and would be good candidates to implement your entire Facebook Connect process as well. 

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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