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Imis15 Integration

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Imis15 Integration

Hi guys


We are a non-profit organization happily using constant Contact, we got a new Donor Management software called Imis15, which uses an SQL server database. They have 3rd party email management module called Informz, which will do basically the same as constant contact, plus everytime that i send an email using this software it will write back to imis as an activity, also it will synchronize opt in/out.


Do you have any API that will interface with Imis15(ASI is the developer(Advsol)), please let me know so i dont have to use the other software whcih we are not familiar with.






We do not currently have an integration with this donor management software.  I'll reach out to them to see if we can begin the process of doing so.  If you have contact information for someone there to speak with, please DM me the information so I can make sure to reach out to the correct people.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

This is the info for my sales rep, you could probably call the main number and request to be transfer to tech support.


I tried to get the direct number but they were closed already.


Let me know if i can further help you with anything else in regards to this matter.



Thanks for the information.  I removed their personal information to avoid potentially getting them spam or leaking that information to anyone with ill intentions.  I'll reach out to them on Monday and see if I can develop a relationship.


Thanks again for giving the feedback.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

Did you ever get this?

Hi @JonnieV8,


Constant Contact was not able to create a direct integration with this company. While we do not list them in our Marketplace either there is a chance that a third-party such as Cazoomi or Zapier may have created an integration with them.

Jimmy D.
Tier II API Support Engineer
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