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Joomla article integration

New Member

Joomla article integration

Is it possible using Constant Contact to automatically pull content from Joomla articles? My website has articles published daily and I'm looking for a newsletter solution that sends an email every time an article is published. This would use a template for the email and just insert the content from the articles, and send to our subscriber list. If there is not a free solution to this, I may be willing to pay for a component or to have this developed for me.


CTCT Employee

It is very possible to create

It is very possible to create a script or plugin to do what you are looking to do, unfortunately I do not believe that a solution already exists for this.


A large portion of the logic involved in this type of integration relies heavily on communicating with your Joomla database and composing the the email message from the content of your articles. The only work that would be handled by our API would be the submission of the email settings and content to generate the email in our system, and the scheduling of the email which although the functionality exists, is not available to all customers at this time.


Please reference our External Resources section for a list of developers that may be able to help with this project.



Dan H

Support Engineer, Constant Contact