Looking for programmer to do custom script and modification

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Looking for programmer to do custom script and modification

I'm relatively new to Constant Contact, so forgive if any of this has been covered before.

I'm looking for someone who can write a script to integrate my customer database in Volusion to automatically push customers in that database who opt-in for newsletters to be imported into my Constant Contact database.  Anyone here got any experience with Volusion and can set that up for a fee?

Also, I want a modification to the "Join our Mailing List" script.  I run multiple websites and want to have  a different database for each one.  I want to be able to set the default list for each site, and make the other lists (I currently have four, but that will soon increase) invisible on the other sites (several of the lists are not relevant with each other).

Please contact me at info@bttf.com if interested in the job for one or both of the script needs.  Thanks!




If you are looking for someone to do the work for you, please take a look at our list of Constant Contact API developers.  Please note that these are all 3rd party developers and fees are subject to their discretion.

Dave Berard
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and also implement as a Partner with several Snaplogic.com Snaps (SaaS DataFlow integrations) out next week.

Would be open to hearing more about your requirements and plans?

~Clint Wilson


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Hi Clint -- I never received a notice that anyone had replied to my post.

The job I've got is relatively simple (I think!).  I want my customer database in my Volusion store integrated into my ConstantContact database, so that whenever I receive a new customer, that they are automatically pushed from Volusion to ConstantContact IF the customer has opted in to receive our newsletters and emails.

Volusion has it's own API, and pushes the data out via a URL.  I just need a way to pull that data into my ConstantContact customer database automatically so that I do not have to constantly export & import every time I want to send out a newsletter.

Do you have any experience with Volusion?

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