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Partner - Integration Opportunity

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Partner - Integration Opportunity

We are looking to expand the versatility of our Digital Writing solution and are looking to partner with developers and integrators who can create a bridge between our Digital Writing application and import data into Constant Contact. Our application generates an XML data file in real-time of every field on a document used in our solution. Objective, using the generated XML data, import the contacts information directly into Constant Contact.


For complete details, email your contact information to: partners@fjdassociatesinc.com


For additional information on our Digital Writing solution, visit our website at http://fjdassociatesinc.com




Thanks for the interest in extending your integration's functionality!  Anyone is obviously welcome to respond here.  Also feel free to seek out developers who specialize in Constant Contact integrations at this link.


Best Regards,

Shannon W.

API Support Specialist

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Thank you very muck for the link this will help greatly. 

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