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Re: Bulk activity reports

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Re: Bulk activity reports

Hello Juan.


Thanks for the reply, but I am afraid this is not solving my problem.


In parallel to this forum topic, I also opened a Use Case in the Customer Portal, which gave me the answer I had the suspicion I was going to get. I quote from the Use Case answer:


I apologize, there is not a way to view the activity through an API at this time


In fact, after your answer (and before the Use Case answer) I tried my script again, forcing some contacts to be deleted from the list and new ones, not previously in Constant Contact, to be added and I am still not getting any report or tags or whatever in the Contacts -> Activity section. I attach a screen capture of what I am getting.




So even though CC claims that with the new look & feel you can do everything that could be done before, I am afraid that is not correct, some functionality has been lost.


Anyway, thanks for the reply again.







This is a similar post to one in another forum category.  This is an open issue on our side and we are working resolving it. 


Here is a more detailed answer: https://community.constantcontact.com/t5/Developer-Support-ask-questions/Bulk-activity-reports/td-p/...


Here is a workaround using the API with existing functionality: http://developer.constantcontact.com/docs/bulk_activities_api/bulk-activities-summary-report-api.htm...

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