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Sending a mail with attachments


Sending a mail with attachments

I have gone through the constant contact APIs (v2), but I did not find some scenarios for my application. Those scenarios are stated below.


  • After sending an email, We have to capture the unique identity, status, timestamp and etc. details of that email for later usage
  • Is there any configuration settings like, once i configured the RESTApi of my application in Constant contact, Constant contact will invoke that API at the time of delivery confirmation/failed to deliver/Bounces and etc.,
  • Is there any suitable api to send attachments with mail body.


Simply what i wanted to achive is, I wanted to send an email(dynamic body content) to receipts with some attachments, after sending that I have to capture some information like id, timestamp, status etc.,




The reason you were not able to find anything about this in our APIs is that it is not allowed with any methods of sending mail through our systems, be that through the UI or the API.


The work-around for this is to host the files that you wish to make available and provide a link to that file in the email message that is sent. Constant Contact also provides a hosting solution which you can read more about here: https://knowledgebase.constantcontact.com/articles/KnowledgeBase/5642-upload-a-document-to-the-libra...


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