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I'm a Canadian based organization that uses Event Spot for event registration and payment. Currently, the only option available for me is PayPal. Increasingly our customers are having issues using PayPal and customers that are simply prevented from using PayPal per corporate policy. We would very much rather have a payment solution that is integrated in the payment form. One solution that works for Canada and is affordable and easy is Stripe. Can Constant Contact work toward integrating the API with Stripe to accept payments? We don't want to have to separate our email marketing with event registration but we may have to look at other vendors if we continue to run into challenges with event registrants.




Thank you for your feedback on this!


I did some double-checking and it doesn't look like there is anything currently in the pipeline for adding Stripe support to our EventSpot product. Because of this, I would actually suggest adding this as a suggestion in our specific Ideas & Suggestions section of our forum. This would allow for other Eventspot users to easily add votes to your suggestion which helps our team in being able to choose what features are next for our products. You can find the EventSpot suggestions page here:


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!



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