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Survey Response APIs

Occasional Participant

Re: Survey Response APIs

So, just to get an update..

is there any OTHER way to get a list of who responded to a survey?  I want to automate sending an attendance certificate to those who completed a survey and attended a class.




Re: Survey Response APIs



If you are using our survey product you would need to manually export a csv file. There are no plans to add the survey product to the v2 API.

Jimmy D.
Tier II API Support Engineer
Occasional Visitor

Re: Survey Response APIs

I depend on CC for email marketing, because your application is more flexible and does email marketing better than any CRM I've worked with. 


I would love to use CC for support follow-up surveys as well, but it's only going to be useful if I can integrate it back into my CRM. We don't have the discipline to manually create a survey each time, and it's pointless if the data is not collected and fed into a reporting engine.


I submit to you that the lack of an API for Survey is probably costing you customers to Surveymonkey and Clicktools.