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Unique ID values for Activities in new API


Unique ID values for Activities in new API


The new API is fantastic in most regards, but why are the activity unique ID's not provided?  I'm referring to the ID of each Open/Click/etc.  These values were provided in the 1.0 API and we depend on them, unfortunately it makes the 2.0 API very difficult to transition to since we can not easily identity the records.  Please add the Unique ID's back! 


Thanks for the feedback!  We are using a new tracking database and architecture going forward that our new API exposes.  I will look into if we still use and provide unique IDs for each activity and, if we still do, we'll look at exposing them.  Will update you once we do some research. 

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

Thank you - as you can imagine, with millions of rows of data under management for our customers, it would be catestrophic not to have the record ID's to match data from the new API with data from the old.  Our customers rely on these IDs so I'm very hopeful they can be provided.  Please let me know if I can provide any detail that would be of help.

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