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Updating a contact list using asp

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Updating a contact list using asp

We have an example for adding a contact using asp. We would like an example of how to update a contact using asp. We have six different list so if a new contact wants to be put on three of the six list or if a current contact is on one list but would like to be added to another list.


Are you using classic ASP or ASP.NET?  We can provide some examples using ASP.NET, however we do not have any Classic ASP samples available.

Dave Berard
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Constant Contact is of Intrest to me

I am using ASP.Net 3.5 and want to use Constant Conatct API for Fetching Emails from my Constant Contact Account and Call methods of API to send mails


Please help with Code or Steps to so








I just responded to your other post, which may help you with the question of sample code for  You can see if here.  I would suggest using this code as a guide to get started with using our API with  I would also recommend taking a look at our API documentation.


The sample code will give examples of how to make calls to our server to receive a list of campaigns.  However, in order to send draft campaigns using our API, you will need to get permission to use our Scheduling API.  In order to get started with this process please email our AppConnect team, and they will get back to you on this.


If you have any questions please let me know.



Benjamin Soder
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