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I have an application wherein I need to sum the value of a custom field for every member of a particular list. 


I can certainly get the members of the list in question and in turn make the subsequent '/contacts/{contact-id}' call to fetch the value of the custom field, but that's a whole lot of network traffic.


Is there anyway to supplement the information returned by the '/lists/{list-id}/members' call to bring back a specified custom field in order to avoid potentially hundreds of URL calls?


I'm thinking something along the lines of




which would then return 


<feed xmlns="">
  <title type="text">Contacts for Customer: {}</title>
  <link href="members"></link>
  <link href="members" rel="self"></link>
  <link href="/ws/customers/{}/lists/24/members" rel="first"></link>
  <link href="/ws/customers/{}/lists/24/members" rel="current"></link>
    <link href="/ws/customers/{}/contacts/7" rel="edit"></link>
    <title type="text">Contact: {}</title>
      <name>Constant Contact</name>
    <content type="application/vnd.ctct+xml">
      <ContactListMember xmlns="" id="{}/contacts/7">
        <EmailAddress> </EmailAddress>
        <Name> </Name>





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Re: /lists/{list-id}/members

Thanks for the feedback on the API.  Summary data on the collections like /{list-id}/members is something we've looked at a couple of times internally.  I'll bring the feedback to the team and make sure we look it over again.  It is unlikely we'll make an update that will allow only specific fields to be returned, but it's possible next year we'll modify the returned content to provide more information on individual contacts in these list type collections.

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Re: /lists/{list-id}/members

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