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resend of mails to new contacts via API

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resend of mails to new contacts via API

Is it possible to do a resend ("resend to new contacts") of mails via the API?

For our purposes we create a new event-specific mail with a specific mailing list (a la "List London", "List Belfast"...) about every two weeks. Now in those two weeks every day people are added to that particular list, and we do a resend. I am working on automating the upload of the new daily contacts, but would like to also do the resend automatically. Sadly, I have not found a feature like that in the API? Is this accessible somehow?

So its not about automatically sending the first mail, just for the ~ 13 resend mails following that mail.



CTCT Employee

At this time there is no

At this time there is no functionality to allow the resend of an email via the API.

Dan H

Support Engineer, Constant Contact