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resend of mails to new contacts via API

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resend of mails to new contacts via API

Is it possible to do a resend ("resend to new contacts") of mails via the API?

For our purposes we create a new event-specific mail with a specific mailing list (a la "List London", "List Belfast"...) about every two weeks. Now in those two weeks every day people are added to that particular list, and we do a resend. I am working on automating the upload of the new daily contacts, but would like to also do the resend automatically. Sadly, I have not found a feature like that in the API? Is this accessible somehow?

So its not about automatically sending the first mail, just for the ~ 13 resend mails following that mail.




At this time there is no functionality to allow the resend of an email via the API.

Dan H

Support Engineer, Constant Contact

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