triggered email


triggered email

hi all,

Can I use Contact contact APIs in my website to trigger transactional emails on form submissions, as well as add user directly to a specific list?

Please respond ASAP.


Hi Adit,

The Constant Contact API allows you to add and manage contacts and their List management, the description of how to do that is here. Regarding sending out automatic emails, the only thing we can automatically trigger are our welcome email for new subscribers and Autoresponder emails based on the sign up date of the subscriber. There is currently no functionality in the API to schedule or send other emails.
Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

Hello Team


I am new here  to use the constant contact API service. I am working on one project in which they have used this API for storing contact information. now I want to send email for newly added contacts in list by using constantconact service not from my application. Please tell me solution how can I go ahed. I have seen AutoResponders which need scheduling.



There are currently one two types of triggered mail that can be sent to new contacts in a Constant Contact account:

  1. Welcome Emails
  2. Autoresponders


In your situation, it is probably best to try and use autoresponders. As you mentioned, they do require scheduling, but that scheduling is simply choosing how long they will send after a contact has been added to the list. For example, I could create an autoresponder and then schedule it to send after 4 days. This means that any contact placed on that list will reiceve an email after 4 days (as long as they are still on the list). An autoresponder only needs to be scheduled once and it is fully automated after that. 


You can find an overview of our Autoresponder feature here:


Please let me know if you have any questions!



Elijah G.
API Support Engineer

Is there any function to automate event-based email triggers for customers?

Hi @SnaigaS,


This option is not available in our v2 API. We are looking to release these types of triggers in our website and v3 API; however we do not have any release date information at this time.

Jimmy D.
Tier II API Support Engineer

We have a registration page on our website that when the user registers for the site it also adds them to our constant contact mailing list. How do i set up the automatic welcome email for when they are added to the constanct contact mailing list?




In order to have the system send out the welcome email you need to specify <OptInSource>ACTION_BY_CUSTOMER</OptInSource> in your XML request.

Dan H

Support Engineer, Constant Contact

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