Ability To Update Multi Factor Authorization Preference

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I detest this overreaching MFA "preference". After going through the "Authorization" process whereby CC sent me a code which then allowed me to access my account in My Account settings it appears to not be possible to change my Preferences.

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Hi @Assist-Deb thank you for sharing this feedback with us!  This multi-factor authentication is meant to strengthen your account's security and help curb unapproved account logins. Because of this there is no customer facing way to update your authentication preference. It is however a feature request we are collecting feedback on. In fact we have opened up your idea so other users can weigh in on this request as well. In the meantime we suggest contacting support directly by phone so one of these agents can manually reset your multi-factor authentication,


Hi! I'm from Chile, I can't call you. How i supposed to change de MFA. I would like to change de phone number, and I can't. Please HELP

Why do you have a setting for MFA that I can't even change! There isn't any setting to change the number associated with the account. MFA needs to be editable!
Turn off the MFA requirement until after you fully implement the feature. It is absolutely ridiculous that I can't change the phone number being used. That's not security. You're preventing me from using the service I pay for.

Hi @RosemaryH46 we suggest contacting support directly by phone so one of these agents can manually update your multi-factor authentication. However having the ability to do this in your account is a feature request we are tracking. We have moved your post into a larger thread on this idea.

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