Ability to cancel add-ons like Inbox Preview WITHOUT calling Billing

I was able to purchase the add-on inbox preview within seconds, of course because they will earn $10 extra from my account per month.  But in order to remove it I need to call billing.  I can understand calling billing to cancel the service but a simple add-on?  This is silly and set-up so people won't call.

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Hi @AngelM30763,


Thanks for the great feedback. Our developers are currently working on ways to streamline our cancellation process. I'm going to open this ticket up for voting so we can see how many other customers second this feedback.


Thanks for using Constant Contact!

Rob L.

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Agreed!  I can only do this stuff on the weekend as I'm a volunteer and have a full time job during the week.  I'm sitting on hold the day of our big event trying to prevent another charge to my credit card. This is very frustrating! 


It should be in the UI to be able to add or cancel add ons---not a call. Make it self serve please!

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I don't even know how/why "Inbox Preview" started showing up on my account?! Yes, you should most definitely be able to cancel w/o having to call Billing! Not cool Constant Contact.

Yes, it is very frustrating. Please fix this issue.


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agree! I am trying to cancel it as well and looks like I'll have to call you! Make it simpler. 

I can easily toggle this on, but not get rid of it? Its 2020 guys, time to update.

I also want to remove Inbox Preview from my billing. I signed up by mistake. It is very misleading how it is added. Also I live outside the US and calling is impossible. This is ridiculous and I am considering using a different service. I have used Constant Contact for many years, but this may indeed push me into another service.


I was looking to send resend and email and accidentally signed up for Inbox Preview. Now I cannot delete the service unless I call them. I live in Dubai and calling would be too expensive. This is to much of a scam. I should be allowed to delete this add-on without calling anyone. I have been a long time CC customer, but this may indeed get me to change services.This is ridiculous!

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Inbox preview was misleadingly added to my account as an add on by a simple click without warning or ability to cancel. Gain some ethics and stop trying to take advantage of your customers before they permanently leave you for another service that has integrity.


I can't figure out how to delete it either.   Didn't even know I signed up for it (don't think I did!)

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Definitely needs to be added. I just accidentally added the SEO to my account (no warning that I was even making a purchase - shame on you guys) and now there is no way to easily remove it. 

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I also added an "add on" by accident. It would be nice to be able to cancel with one click. Even if that capability was only available the first 48 hours after purchase.

At 10:30cst 5/29, I waited 20 minutes for the 3rd time since accidently purchasing Preview In Box feature. I finally got to speak with an associate. "Gaston" told me that I needed to contact Litmus at a third party number to remove this $10 service fee (it was the same 855-229-5506 number) After another 20 minute wait I was able to remove the fee but this is the second negative experience. There is no reason for me to keep using Constant Contact. Aside from the 'Gastons,' not providing an immediate 'undo' option for these purchases is flaw. Thank you, Christine
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This thread has been open to voting since 2018. This needs to be fixed. I am surprised this company hasn't been sued yet for allowing a non-authorized charge for reoccurring payments. I have just started using constant contact and have enjoyed it because of ease of access, but I am already looking into changing companies because of this shady way of doing business - it makes me question what other ways they may be using my information without me authorizing. 

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Definitely make it simpler. Many other services allow you to go in and simply remove add-ons such as this by clicking in the 'change your subscription' area. Please add this.