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Ability to cancel add-ons like Inbox Preview WITHOUT calling Billing

Ability to cancel add-ons like Inbox Preview WITHOUT calling Billing

I was able to purchase the add-on inbox preview within seconds, of course because they will earn $10 extra from my account per month.  But in order to remove it I need to call billing.  I can understand calling billing to cancel the service but a simple add-on?  This is silly and set-up so people won't call.

CTCT Employee
Status changed to: Voting Open

Hi @AngelM30763,


Thanks for the great feedback. Our developers are currently working on ways to streamline our cancellation process. I'm going to open this ticket up for voting so we can see how many other customers second this feedback.


Thanks for using Constant Contact!

Rob L.

New Member

Agreed!  I can only do this stuff on the weekend as I'm a volunteer and have a full time job during the week.  I'm sitting on hold the day of our big event trying to prevent another charge to my credit card. This is very frustrating! 


It should be in the UI to be able to add or cancel add ons---not a call. Make it self serve please!

Frequent Visitor

I don't even know how/why "Inbox Preview" started showing up on my account?! Yes, you should most definitely be able to cancel w/o having to call Billing! Not cool Constant Contact.