Ability to hide sub-folder on campaign layout

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Campaigns Page "Folders" Update is not an effective means to find campaign templates. This week there was a software update to Constant Contact that makes it very difficult to use.



When I load this page and select the "Folders" button all of the folders and sub folders are showing at once.  We have hundreds of folders so it takes a lot of time to find the content i am looking for.  This is instead of having an accordion to show / hide sub folders.  If I want to add a new folder I now need to do that through the manage folders button, however, i can't even open folders in there to verify what templates are in them.  


The navigation function with the Content Library with the accordions is far better for users that have large volumes of content like us.



Perhaps in the short term there is a way for you to upload the old Campaigns page to a custom URL and send it to us.  Long term this modification makes this software unusable for our business.  

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Hi @CraigJ81 thanks for sharing this feedback with us. While we are moving forward with keeping users in the updated Campaigns page set-up, we are always open to ways we can better our user's experience! In fact we have opened up your idea so other users can weigh in and submitted your feedback of being able to hide sub-folders to our Product Team on your behalf.

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