Ability to un-enroll from MFA

I couldn't even reply to this without jumping through your 'hoop'. I don't care your reasoning. I think we should have the option of opting out. I now have to figure out how this will work with our elderly people who don't have cell phones. Ridiculous! Did your insurance company demand you do this?



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Hi all. Multi-factor authentication is an industry standard that is used by many online services to keep their customer’s data secure. Given the types of data available in your account, including your contact lists and sensitive billing information, we are requiring all accounts to set up MFA to protect your business or organization. We are considering some additional features to make MFA easier to manage. We encourage you to vote or comment on the following posts so our teams can better understand what our customers are looking for to make this process simpler.


Update MFA method directly in accounts

Use email as an option for MFA


If you have multiple people accessing your account, you can set up separate logins so the account doesn't share one MFA method. The Email plan offers 5 account users, and Email Plus offers an unlimited number of account users.


Hi @volcon


What exactly are you experiencing with the authentication method your selected? At this time being able to turn off the multi-factor authentication setting in an account is not an available feature. Does changing your authentication method through our phone support help fit your needs?

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'Industry standard' or no, there needs to be a way to unenroll in MFA--let users accept the risk of not using MFA. Will need to look at alternative platforms--been using CC for more than 15 years and have accepted changes, but this may push me to go elsewhere.


Is there a way to change the phone number for the authentication process?


Hi @CarissaC36


changing a user's MFA setup requires a call to our general support so they can go through the standard security protocols prior to making the switch.

Why am I being forced to use multi-factor authorization? This should be my option!

We have multiple users in multiple locations accessing my account. Do I seriously have to send them all the code every time one of them logs in? You have to fix this!

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The is the exactly what we have run into with building out our integration w/ CC V3 API.  We have two developers in different time zones, and I get a text message on my cell phone periodically when the other developer is trying to login to CC...I then have to text them the MFA code.   And sometimes, when I login, I trigger the MFA and get the text and have to enter the code myself..it's all very random. 


Ridiculous! We should have the option.  


I'm not a happy camper. You FORCED me to create a multilevel signin for security, which I DID NOT WANT. I then could not find a way in my settings to delete it.

I tried using the CHAT BOX to discuss this, but it just kept spinning and spinning.

I tried to call the phone number to talk about it, but i got a recording about extended delays and wait times.


This is NOT the constant contact I signed up for.

I think you might be about to lose a "Legacy" customer.

Gregory Absten



Hi @GregoryA91803


We apologize for any inconvenience this setting may cause. Constant Contact is committed to doing what is best for our customers, and account security is a major part of that. Multifactor authentication is considered an industry standard, used by many online services to keep their customers’ data secure. Given the amount of sensitive data stored within our customer’s accounts, particularly contacts’ info and billing, we’re now requiring this to keep your information as safe as possible.


With that said, at this time having the ability to opt-out is a feature request we are collecting feedback on. We have merged your post into a larger thread focused on this idea.


If I had known the MFA was required, I never would have signed up for CC. This is the WORST and is slowing down my process to communicate with my clients. I have 3 people in my department who send out correspondence and this is a PAIN!!!

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Im so Fxxking tired of the stupid - worthless verification code BS I cant wait until we leave CC.


I keep getting messages from CC from all the other customers who hate this too.


When will CC get it ... WE DONT WANT THIS !


BTW ... you dont see any comments from people who like it !    

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I HATE THE MFA! I never asked to have that security feature added to our account. I wasn't given the option to have it added, and now I'm being told there is no way to disable it. I am the only person who uses our Constant Contact account, and I do it solely to send one monthly newsletter a month and maybe an occasional news/promo blurb. It is not worth the incredible inconvenience of having to receive a verification text EVERY TIME I LOG INTO THE ACCOUNT, which also then generates a confirmation email. I do not need extra texts/emails or extra steps added to complicate what should be and has ALWAYS been an easy process. We never had any security/spam issues and don't see any benefit of this feature. I want the MFA disabled immediately. In the future, when you add services/features, you should MAKE THEM OPTIONAL for your customers. 

i am having trouble turning this off

Hi @Edith.Patterson


At this time users do not have the ability to opt-out of multi factor. We have however merged your post into a larger thread focused on this feature request.


As a member of the North Carolina General Assembly, every member has this service offered to them. With the new MFA and no option to opt out, this will now create a headache for staffers and the elected officials because of the rigorous and tedious process looking for a code to be sent to one phone when multiple individuals are using the account at once. 


If there is no opt-out for MFA within the next 24 hours, I will be moving forward with my collogues to having the state of North Carolina cancel the constant contact agreement and be searching for a new service ..... and quickly.  

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WOW! First, thank you for merging my comment into this thread so I can see just how many complaints you've received and just how long these complaints have been coming to you with absolutely no effort to address the issue. I now will join the numerous others who have promised to find a different service. You say you are compiling the feedback you've been given. Since it has been over six months of the same complaints flooding your inbox, I would suggest you finish compiling and make the decision to make the MFA service OPTIONAL with an immediate disable feature for those who have asked for it. From what I've read, you have already lost A LOT of customers over this ridiculous issue and you are about to lose more, including me. 

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how can i get rid of your annoying popups that ask me a question every time I log in? I am so sick of having to close little boxes that are in the way, the chat box, the Refer a Friend box, etc. Once I have closed it several times, your software ought to know I am not interested and should remove it. Your software is the most annoying i have ever subscribed to. I am considering posting these issues on public forums to see if others have had the same thoughts. That would be bad for your image, but I am sure there are lots of users who don't enjoy popups in their face every time they start up.
How do I remove this option?

Hi @ArborMasters


We apologize, at this time users do not have the ability to unenroll from multi-factor authentication. It is however a feature request we are collecting feedback on.

We have multiple users and need this turned off somehow. It's set to call one phone. That doesn't work for us. How do I turn it off?

Hi @miller_Outdoor_Theatre 


Does having each user set up their own authentication when logged in help fit your needs?

I would like to remove the multi-factore authentication from our account but it won't let me.

Add me to the list, we should be able to opt out of this. Multiple people use this account for our business and this is causing lots of headache and problems. We're already looking at other options so we don't have to mess with this

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Can we please opt-out of the texting verification to enter into our account? Multiple people in our organization need to access CC for our mailings, and it slows down progress time each time that folks need to check in with me to get the text message to log on. It's an extreme inconvenience.

My office is having the same problem. The phone number keeps changing and there seems to be no way to have the codes sent to the right phone for the person who needs access at that time. If there is no forthcoming solution, like others, we will have to find a different service.

RIDICULOUS! We are not always at work and the office number is on our account. If we need to log in at home, we cant because it calls the office number. Please STOP this verification code to log in!!!!!!!!!
This Sucks, as an owner of a business I don't have time to always relearn your ideas. I have little time I want to get to my newsletter format and add new content and go. Now I'm in some time new wormhole with no way out. your platform is cumbersome and SLOW. you make me have to text to get into my account! my bank does not even have me do that! and now I have to relearn your new whatever! STOP!!! business owners and not computer nerds. If you want to get better then contact me and I'll tell you what you need to do to make your site better and stop making it so hard to publish an email. and you don't even have a submit button on your "so how do you like the new format site!

I am also irritated that there is no option to bypass MFA. It is even more annoying that I used the Trial version and it was fine until today when I paid for a subscription and SURPRISE! now I need MFA and there is no way around it. Bait and switch.


Your system is insane.  I did not even want to set up m-f authentication.  I was just examining the option, and your system logged me out and then required that I set up m-f authentication in order to log in.  Your system is unworkable when there are multiple account managers and/or campaign creators.


Chiming in to plead that MFA have an opt-out option or at least an email verification option. We are a small non-profit with multiple users and multiple phone extensions and this process is a major inconvenience that will necessitate switching to another service. Thank you.


Hi @SalP809


What about setting up multifactor authentication for your sub-users do you find unworkable? Are these users not seeing the option to create their own authentication?


Frankie:   Enough about "collecting feedback."


If you don't have enough after a year, you never will...just be honest and say it's not changing.


That way I, and it seems like A LOT of your other customers, can do the right thing and cancel our agreements.


Sorry to go but with our remote team, this is unworkable.

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I cannot use ConstantContact on airplane flights anymore. I travel continuously and used to work on ConstantContact on my flights - Now, with having to send text messages to my phone makes this impossible. I tried logging in to the internet with two devices while on a flight and I cannot receive text message and be on my laptop at the same time!!! Help!!! You need to have an option to turn off the text message verification so I can use ConstantContact while on an airplane!!!


We would like to disable MFA on our account as well.  The account is registered to one employment with the MFA text verification going to their cell phone.  However, we have multiple staff located in different cities and regional offices who need to login to CC and each time they do, they need to coordinate their login with the person who receive the text code to make sure they are by their phone and available to send the code to the remote person needing to login.  This is a pointless step and MFA should be optional for those in the situation like us who don't want to constantly bug the person who get the code, when they are busy themselves.  I could login today, get a code, then tomorrow if I login I need to get a new code again.  It's ridiculous.


Apologies for the delay in our reply @Scottroanoke . Multi-factor authentication is an industry standard that is used by many online services to keep their customer’s data secure. Given the types of data available in your account, including your contact lists and sensitive billing information, we are requiring all accounts to set up MFA to protect your business or organization. We are considering some additional features to make MFA easier to manage. I will merge your post into a larger thread surround the MFA requirement

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EVERY TIME I log in from my account that is tied to our master corporate account, I have to get a text code. I use the same computer and the same browser EVERY TIME. Please fix this asap, or we will be taking our business elsewhere. 


After years of being forced to tolerate ConstantContact's total lack of respect for its customers and their concerns, I am terminating this "service" today. This is not a hollow threat. I have already signed up for superior products and services (MailChimp, HootSuite, etc.), so I will be closing my CC account in a few minutes. But, before I go, I wanted to post one final exasperated comment (among many).


I have been a customer since 2013 -- nine years. Since 2019 alone, I have posted re: nine different topics -- all changes, almost always unannounced, that ConstantContact inflicted upon its customers and refused to reverse despite vehement customer protests, and none of which was ever addressed with anything other than B.S. These changes include:


1.) Inability to disable MFA


2.) The forced switch to far inferior third generation HTML editor


3.) The inability to copy legacy emails


4.) The forced switch to a far inferior image editing tool


5.) The appearance of unwanted horizontal lines between blocks of content


Every single one of these ConstantContact blunders was foisted upon its customers without our feedback or permission, and has attracted MANY additional customer complaints in addition to mine. This particular thread alone, about the inability to disable MFA, has attracted 137 comments (all negative) and counting. Yet absolutely no meaningful action has been taken since the issue was raised more than a year ago. This and every other issue raised by customers has been utterly ignored by ConstantContact. 


When will CC apply even a tiny grain of common sense to these issues and provide genuine customer service (instead of condescending lip service) and recognize that it makes no difference if something is the supposedly "industry standard" if your customers HATE IT and/or find it unworkable???


A company that doesn't value its customers is doomed to fail.


My only consolation is that, after the way we've all been treated, it will be satisfying to watch this slow-motion train wreck play out as ConstantContact stumbles toward its inevitable failure as a company.


My only regret is that I didn't leave ConstantContact it sooner. Unfortunately, being a reasonable person, I foolishly thought ConstantContact might eventually take these concerns seriously. But ConstantContact is the least responsive and most arrogant company I've ever dealt with. So it's adios and good riddance.

Occasional Participant

Echoing all the comments above...how many times do people have to complain about Constant Contact's terrible user experience before you fix it? 

I have to input a code every single time I log into CC, even though it's from the same device. I have so many regrets about signing up for a year-long contract and will be looking for another provider when the contract is up.


And the industry standard line? You could at least try to pretend you're a real person and not some robot spouting the BS you've been told to say.

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Constant Contact, for the love of God, please listen to your customers! No one wants this. It is such a time-wasting nuisance! Especially fun for tos of us working off multiple servers. It's ridiculous. No one has time for this and yet it's been forced on your customers for almost a year now!

I don't want to have multi-factor authentication on my account. Please tell me how to disable this feature. Thank you.

I don't want Multi-factor authentication.  You are forcing Constant Contact users to opt into something that will make work so much harder for us. We are looking at other service providers.

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