Ability to un-enroll from MFA

I couldn't even reply to this without jumping through your 'hoop'. I don't care your reasoning. I think we should have the option of opting out. I now have to figure out how this will work with our elderly people who don't have cell phones. Ridiculous! Did your insurance company demand you do this?




Yes please let me know how to opt out from MFA?


Hello, so I, personally, suppose you, as a provider of this service, received more than enough complaints regarding this issue, which might give you enough motivation to put some efforts toward it, these messages are all the way from 2 years ago. We need YOUR accountability toward this systemic issue and an answer/solution.


I NEED this turned off on my account too. Immediately. Any action must have a reverse ability as well. NO!?


unsubscribe from email thread.

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I would like to add my request to this string. Please make it possible (as soon as possible) to turn-off MFA. I signed up for this by mistake and I agree, it has become a hassle for me if I don't have my cell phone on my person when I am ready to work with constant Contact. It seems very odd that I am not able to disable this feature!

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There are a few problems with this policy for our business:


1) I travel a lot for work. I was told I wouldn't have to verify if using the same device/browser to access CC. Turns out, that's not true. I have to authenticate EVERY time I log in on a different wifi network. If I'm on a plane and I log in on my computer on an airplane, I now have to purchase wifi on the flight for my phone so I can authenticate constant contact on my computer that I've already used to access CC. What the hell is this?


2) Every time another employee logs on, I have to approve it from my cell phone. What if I'm flying? What if I'm giving a presentation? This is stupidly inconvenient. 


At the end of the day, making it mandatory is ridiculous. Stop with the "industry standard" bull**bleep**. My bank doesn't require MFA and I'm pretty sure that's more risky than an email list. Please allow an opt out or we will consider opting out of Constant Contact email services after 15 years. 

PS: You could also consider listening to customer feedback on copying legacy emails. 


MFA is causing our organization stress and problems, as well. The account owner should be able to set the phone numbers for the account users. We should have a choice to use an email address. We should have a choice to disable it for users who don't have SMS. 

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Yes, please have an option to disable this "feature".


Agreed. The two factor authentication is incredibly inconvenient and left us in a bind yesterday as I was out of the office and my colleagues couldn't login to send a crucial email. 


The only way this works is to allow multiple users per account with variable roles and means of contact (email).
Ad Words is implementing two factor starting tomorrow. Annoying for a one man shop. But if I hire someone to work on ads I can give them access. I assume it will be their email.


Meanwhile, CC should hired some trained product managers that understand user personas and use cases.

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The MFA feature is very inconvenient. My husband and I use CC for various reasons and share 1 household account. My number is associated with the account but I'm not around when he is trying to log in, he ask me to text him the code. The MFA feature is not recognizing either of our laptops for normal log in. This feature needs to be enhanced to include an option to select 'remember this device' because it isn't happening automatically for either of us!


Hello Constant Contact


As you can see from the multiple complaints, this 2FA is annoying AF. We have dynamic IP which means our IP address changes constantly which means we always have to go through 2FA. Sometimes the account holder is in a meeting, sometimes out of town. This is unacceptable for this type of software. There are way less intrusive method of making your login more secure (captcha or pass phrase just to name 2). Please allow people to optout of this annoying "feature" that absolutely no-one asked for.


At least offer the ability to use email or update cell phone numbers since people actually change cell phone numbers!


I do not understand how there is still not an option for turning this off. It looks like you have at least 3 months of feedback showing several use cases where MFA is way more trouble than its worth to particular users. We are one of those use cases. If the platform actually remembered devices, it would be different. We are a small company. There are just 2 of us needing to login. Each time one of us wants to, we have to deal with MFA. Why force something on your users when it doesn't make sense for them?

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The two step verification process is extremely inconvenient. There are multiple people who use Constant Contact within out company for various reasons and every time someone needs to login we have to get this code. We are not all at the same location. I spoke with someone in customer care and they said there is no way to remove this. I am writing in to give you feedback and request this be changed within Constant Contact. This is not convenient feature for us and would prefer a security question. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
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How can we turn MFA off please - it's annoying and we don't want it or need it.


Just reactivated our account and there is no way to decline  the MFA option. This simply does not work for my business and its users. Just plain inconvenient and I will be looking at alternative options for our marketing emails.


Hi @MikeJ46 at this time being able to unenroll from MFA is not an available feature. It is however a feature request we are collecting feedback on. In fact we have merged your post into a larger thread focused on this idea.


This is EXTREMELY annoying and inconvenient, and it seems like YOU'RE NOT LISTENING!!!! Please fix this problem or we will be going with another email service. We are non-profit, and this monthly charge is a lot for us. You're making it even more difficult to justify your service. 


I'm not at all interested in 2FA but you gave no indication that I can't use my account at all without setting up that "Feature".

Give customers the option to bypass this, its not necessary or useful for all customers, and now I cant use my account.

Hi there - I am the account owner and want to disable MFA for the account admins but that option is greyed out and I cannot do anything. Would you please advise? thanks.

Hi @MarthaH418 we apologize at this time being able to opt-out of multi-factor authentication is not an available feature. It is however a feature request we are collecting feedback on. We have merged your post into a larger thread on this idea in the meantime.

Consulting & Training

YOUR DUAL LOG-IN requirements sucks, is burdening and is the reason we will be leaving CC for another service. Sad ... you don't listen to your clients.

Status changed to: Open Questions

Hi @PaulA2750 what about our multi-factor authentication does not fit your needs? How would you like to see it work instead?


Reply from @PaulA2750:

First …. Nothing about it “fits” my needs.

It’s nothing more than a nuisance.

It creates more hassle the help !

It is not necessary …

As the paying customer… I don’t approve of this requirement.

And as important… dozens ( likely thousands) of your clients have shared similar concerns with you and you have not taken any useful action.

If this was a “free” service … I would have to put up with it. As I am a paying customer… I don’t.

If you don’t have an “opt out” option … you will lose many customers…. I plan on being one of them.

I use to tell people how great you were …. Now I tell them how you fail in listening to your client base.

No need to reply ….


I doubt I can get any  help here but this feature is essentially making it impossible for my organization to use constant contact. We have 4 users in different places who work on different campaigns. Now there is no way for some employees to work unless we contact the one employee who has the authenticator set up. Since there are different time zones at play, this also means that huge portions of the day make it impossible to work on constant contact.  This is really ridiculous and needs to be fixed. Looking for other options for email marketing as we have no choice at the point. 

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I have the same problem. I set up a development account for my development team to use, several of us are working on 3rd party integration so we need a common account for the API Key, etc and to test the CC API to create contact lists, etc.   But with the MFA suddenly imposed on the account, what I am supposed to?  3-4 developers can't use my phone to do MFA as we are developing.  Our development has ground to a halt because of this.

I cannot edit security features on my account which I would like to do. I wish to turn off the two factor authorization via SMS and just use a password to verify. Can someone please remove this feature. Thank you. Joe

Hi @JosephB4305 at this time, having the ability to opt-out of multi-factor authentication is not an available feature. It is however a feature request we are actively tracking. In fact we have moved your post into a larger thread focused on this idea. In the meantime when any updates need to be made, we recommend calling to our general support so they can go through the standard security protocols.


Please allow user the option of turning off multifactor authentication.

It has made it many times impossible for staff to access the newsletter when working from home or when our library is closed. We all understand the importance of security but not having the option is very unreasonable.  We are seriously considering moving to a new newsletter software.

Please let me know when and if you will update this option. Thank you.


I am simply exhausted dealing with your SMS authentication. If I go home to work I have to constantly get a code. When I go to my office I have to get a code again. PLEASE give us an option to turn it off.

This is the most annoying feature. I don't care if it's the industry standard. I don't have to use it on any other platforms I use. This should be an option not a forced feature. 

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