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As a business owner, every company whom I pay a monthly fee to gives you 2 Account Users. 1. As the owner and the one paying, I don't want to have to change my email password all the time. 2. As the owner and the one paying, I hire outside help to manage my newsletters and I want the ability to revoke their access to the account. It's ridiculous that you have an up charge for me to be able to manage my account in this manner and short-sighted. This is a basic need that a business owner has and considering how much you court the small business community, I find this really surprising.
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I completely agree with Nikaf. I won't be able to keep my non-profit on CC with only one user account available under the basic plan. The fact that I used to have three user accounts available under the basic plan and the company took away this access is unacceptable and incredibly frustrating. If you want to keep customers, you'll need to give them two user accounts under basic. Directors don't do often do their own e-mail marketing and are not comfortable allowing someone else to send messages from their names.