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Adding / Reactivating Users Limitation

Adding / Reactivating Users Limitation

Howdy, just ran into the issue of deactivating a user, but was not allowed to add a user or reactivate. I deactivated a couple old users who aren't here anymore and attempted to create a user, no luck. Also was not able to reactivate. In a chat with support, I learn that the number of users was culled down to 1, or 3 users if we upgraded. We had been grandfathered in, but I would not have deactivated those users, had I known I was going to lose them. In chatting with support, I asked for the trouble ticket to be elevated to a technician would could reactivate a user, and was told that even they could not do this. We are apparently supposed to have users share logins and view the login more as a role. This is a very bad idea, not just an inconvience to our organization.


It's a bad idea because when people share logins, the passwords and logins are shared, and much harder to keep secure.


As a non profit, having multiple logins is needed as many people a lot of hats, and many parts of the organization need to have access to constant contact. Having the ability to have multiple logins, and then suddenly, without warning even when deactivating finding out that people now need to share a login becomes a huge logistical problem.


I remember when at one time, we were limited to one login, and people demanded (and was met with great applause) at having multiple logins. A few years later now, we're moving backward. Please change this back A.S.A.P.!



-Brian H.

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I just got bit by this.  I want to see CC fix this immediately.  There is no way I would have deactivated a user had I known it would go away.  There should at least be a dialog box warning of this effect.  I hope that CC restores my account to the way it was before I accidentally deactivated a user instead of changing their details.