Allow users to open multiple browser windows and be able to work

Allow users to open multiple browser windows and be able to work. Too many times I need to view another email I have sent and need to see it in another window and the site doesn't alllow it. It's a pain.
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Hello, Thank you for your feedback. This is a great suggestion. As a work-around to this issue, if you have multiple browsers on your computer, this can be done. It is possible to have Constant Contact open in two different browsers at the same time (i.e. Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.) Hopefully this may help.
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Need this functionality not just to see two emails at the same time, but to see two events at the same time or an event and an email at the same time.  I would presume a fix to accomodate multiple windows would address all these scenarios, but given the inconsistent implementation of the same functionality between the email and event modules I can't take anything for granted.


I think it would be great for multiple screens to be open with Constant Contact. Presently when that is done the program will close/freeze and edits won't be saved and this is a hassle! Editing a contact and having to go back back to the previous screen if you want to check something is quite frustrating. Sometimes I want to check who registered for my event at the same time as doing something else and this can't be done. I can't be the only one who finds this annoying!

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