Campaign Creator Advanced Permissions

I am new to Constant Contact (CC). As a Campaign Creator, I am learning the pros and cons of the capabilities of the system. I find this particular Con (Very limited permissions for the Campaign Creator) to be the worst. 


I would believe that some of the decisions made about Campaign Creator permissions were due to someone abusing privileges. I have made CC aware of the problems associated with the very limited permissions. 


In short, I do not feel comfortable asking My Customer to delete drafts and organize folders. She has a business to run. 


I strongly recommend that the Administrator be able to decide what the Campaign Creator can and cannot do instead of CC bundling a bevy of "cannots." I assume this was the easiest solution for CC. 


Please create a third level - Campaign Creator - Advanced Permissions; or Allow the Administrator to "tick off" what Campaign Creators can do instead of Constant Contact making a blanket decision; or at least let Campaign Creators move things out of the way to keep a clean Campaign area. 


BTW - after begging one of CC's help desk people to at least remove "their" tests, they did. 

Constant Contact desperately needs to create an Advanced Permissions role for Campaign Creators. Not being able to "delete" causes an organizational mess. Being new to Constant Contact, I would believe the hoard of "cannots," were created for the few, not the many as a result of somebody misusing their capabilities. Let the Administrators decide what Campaign Creators can and cannot do! Bundling as you do may make it easy for you but not for your customers (that includes Campaign Creators who provide feedback to Admins.)
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Sorry I missed voting -- this flexibility would be great.

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