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Cancel online!

Cancel online!

Hi Constant contact. We've used you off and on now for a while. A few months ago I kept getting calls from you to sign up and now we are saddled with a $40 per month fee for a service we rarely use. As a small business owner I don't respect that. I also think its pretty awful to not include a means to cancel online but rather make customers call you. A former customer,

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Hello @ChuckN34,


At this time the only way to cancel or suspend your account would be to call in to our Billing team and they can assist you with that. The direct number to Billing can be found here: I've passed along your feedback to be able to do this without calling someone.

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Yes you keep saying 'thank you for feedback' but the proper response would be for you to CHANGE YOUR POLICY of having to CALL to cancel and be like every other NORMAL service and provide online cancellation. Otherwise you are just annoying customers and being obstinate. 


What a Joke to cancel my account!!!!!


this is a scam that will be sent to BBB

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You make it really hard to find out how to do this, and it has to be done by calling. You can upgrade all day long on line, but super hard to cancel. Not cool.
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Trying to cancel my Constant Contact account...been on hold over 27 minutes although the recording keeps coming on saying "your wait should be less than three minutes!"  It seems like they want to make it extremely difficult to cancel - that is why they do not offer an online cancellation.  They use the excuse "we want to make sure your account is updated correctly"...that's bs.   I guess they don't look at the big instead of temporarily suspending my account, I will never use their service again.

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Especially during free trial period, there's no reason to have to call a billing office to delete an account.
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I want to cancel my account today but cannot do so because instead of offering a simple offer to cancel my account I must call an 800 number which is not available. This is a simple feature to enable, and you should consider doing so.
I can find no option on your website to terminate my account - not even an email address.
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As far as I can tell, you can only cancel your account during their business hours on the phone. Just like a software as a service company would.

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I agree wholeheartedly!  I’ve used Constant Contact for over 10 years, was a subscriber during its nascent years.  You guys forgot about the small businesses that got you to where you are today.  $40 per month with no other options for clients that do not have a dedicated marketing team, Mom and Pops who just want to get the word out about their business.  I called Constant Contact to cancel my business  listing, operator was amenable and promptly cancelled the service.