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Cancel online!

Cancel online!

Hi Constant contact. We've used you off and on now for a while. A few months ago I kept getting calls from you to sign up and now we are saddled with a $40 per month fee for a service we rarely use. As a small business owner I don't respect that. I also think its pretty awful to not include a means to cancel online but rather make customers call you. A former customer,

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I've talked to 2 people and am still on hold. My assistant made an error and submitted my credit card thus subscribing when I only meant to sign up for a free trial. I do not want to sign up and you've already charged my credit card $65.00. Please submit a refund 

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This is really not good, im also trying to cancel my account but there is no option to cancel it online and have to call this is just not professional things.

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Its outrageous that you FORCE people to phone you in order to cancel an account. It's incredibly time consuming and inconvenient. You should make it clear when people sign up that you're going to make them jump through hoops to cancel the account if they are unsatisfied with the service. What a terrible company.
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It does not make any sence at all that a customer needs to call you to cancel the account!

We are an Israeli company and we need to call international to cancel? It is unbelievable.

A formar very unhappy customer

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100% agree!

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This is poorly ran Customer Service.  I understand making customers call in to cancel so you can verify it is the correct person, etc, however that can be done using a virtual live chat agent too.  I have been calling for over an hour to cancel and the automated answer agent says it is directing my call to the billing department then I get a recording saying all agents are busy right now and it disconnects. I thought I would try the customer service number to speak to an agent there instead of billing and same thing happens, "all agents are busy" then it hangs up.  I've been trying to do this for weeks...I'm frustrated with your lack of customer support.  You are a large company, you should be doing better.

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I signed up for a trial account to do some testing for a client. When I was done, I tried to delete my account, but saw that I could not delete my account through the UI. This was a terrible user experience for me. I had to call the Billing department, who told me that they had no way of deleting my account, and that as long as I didn't enter in my credit card information, the account would be closed automatically in "30-60 days". 


From the website's Terms and Conditions:

8. Termination.

You may terminate your Constant Contact account at any time by calling Constant Contact Customer Support.


This has left such an awful impression. I'm sure I will continue to get Constant Contact emails, and my username and email will persist in the database without my control. I will not recommend Constant Contact to any client in the future. Please fix this policy for other people who want to have control over their data.

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This is absurd!  

I can open my account online.  I can do everything else online.  Except I cannot cancel the account online?

Why?  So you can get more $ from inactive accounts that you make it hard to close?