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I am frustrated that I can't simply cancel my account online. You can easily take our payments and change payments but you make it difficult to cancel our account; I have to contact during business hours and you don't have customer support during the weekends?! This makes me not want to use constant contact in the future.


Bad business practice not allowing us to cancel online.  Makes my decision to cancel even more so.

Hello, I would really like a way to cancel my account online without having to call anyone. Thank you for your time!

Because they hope you'll forget. They know people are all so busy that it's easy to forget to do it. Real service Is secondary. 

Make it easier to cancel accounts!!!! You look shady when it is hard. Nice job.
Not applicable
account page lacks DELETE ACCOUNT function
Your cancellation process is **bleep**ty and takes too much time. Just make a button to unsubscribe instead. The current procedure is time consuming and abusive
The fact that you make it so difficult to cancel your account, having to call and wait on hold for a long time, and talk to someone who is pushy about not doing it, is insane. Especially while there are a plethora of other services that are both more modern, easier to use and free. I canceled my account because my business no longer exists. However, if I am to start another in the future, and need email services, etc, I would no come back to Constant Contact for these reasons, where as if it were easier to use, change or cancel the account or vastly more modern than competitors, I would have considered returning or suspending rather than canceling.
It is not easy to find a cancel subscription button
Should be able to cancel online. Garbage that you can't
I wish to cancel my account and your system is incredibly frustrating. I trialed 5 email marketing platforms this month and yours is by far the most difficult to cancel out of. All the other systems allow this to be done via their account admin pages but you seem to require an international phone call - which I am reluctant to pay for. Up to this point I was reasonably impressed with your system but I doubt I shall be recommending it now due to the difficult extraction process.
Annoying that you force customers to call to cancel. Will not be back as a result.
The fact that I have to call you to cancel my subscription is **bleep**ed up and wrong. Make it so I can do it online, assholes.



I'm trying to cancel an account and you funnel everything (chat, email, etc.) to calling you which then I have to wait on the phone for (at this time) upwards of 30 minutes. I'm aware the likelihood of you changing is unlikely, but your customer service channels are a nightmare to deal with.




Worst company I have ever dealt with, Rude salesman pushy and giving you false information and horrible customer service and cancellation procedure.

You should not have to call in to terminate an account. It is a sleazy marketing ploy.
why is it so difficult for me to find out how to put a hold on my account or cancel until i resubscribe in April? i have go to "ed" in upper right corner and impossible to find under account.... that would make sense. thank you Peggy

I am also very surprised that you don't provide an email address, or a simple button "cancel my account" for that matter. I have to make a costly international phone call to cancel something I don't use??


I can only see this as a deliberate hurdle to keep you from cancelling. (and no, I am not buying the "security concerns" argument)


Bad service!


Cancelling a CC account should be an online option.


I would like to be able to close my account within my profile/account login - thank you!

Constant Contact, it appears you are not listening to, empathizing with and helping your prospects and customers. To just parrot back a canned answer is poor relationship management and poor reputation management. It's unprofessional, unethical and poor form. 





I am at work trying to cancel this account and there is over a 30 minute wait.  This is unacceptable for any business.  There needs to be another way to cancel.  I am going to try to remove my billing information next.


The CC cancelation process is so bad. They force you to call and then make you wait on the phone forever! This from a company that specializes in email and helping people opt out. But they try to block clients from  opting out of their service! I suggest you use instead. 


The CC cancelation process is so bad. They force you to call and then make you wait on the phone FOREVER to speak with a human! This from a company that specializes in email and helping people opt out. But they try to block clients from  opting out of their service! I will never recommend this service to any clients again. I suggest you use  instead. 


I find it reprehensible that an email company makes you jump through such hoops to cancel as to call in, especially when its not a 24hour call center or a toll-free call. You will never get my business!!!


Agreed. This is ridiculous. We should be able to cancel online anytime. We used to recommend Constant Contact to our clients. Now anytime email marketing comes up in a conversation we will advise against using Constant Contact.


Adding to the list of dissatisfied customers -

I was told I was getting a 30 day trial and 3 months free, but after the 30 days my account was automatically charged and there's no way for me to cancel online. I can't wait to call the billing department tomorrow morning and sit on hold for an hour just to have someone try to guilt me into keeping my subscription. 

Occasional Participant
Ridiculous that I can't cancel my account without calling in. Just as you have Unsubscribe buttons on the emails you should have the same courtesy for those of us paying you.
Consulting & Training

Easiest way to do it is to change your credit card info with a bad CVV and bad exp date. Done deal.

It is difficult to cancel your service.

You make it really, really, really difficult to cancel.


I agree with the others here. I find it B.S. that I have to call to cancel. This company has no problem taking my money online, billing me online, etc., but I can't cancel online. I work with online services all the time that don't require a phone call to end their services. For this reason, though I had originally wanted to suspend, I'm now going to cancel, and for this reason alone, I won't be referring the company to anyone else.


This is actually the worst email company I've ever had the horrible experience of dealing with. Making it impossible to cancel online a $20 per month subscription unless you call them physically is terrible customer experience.


Will never ever use this their service and will be telling everyone I know to stay away from this cancerous company


I agree with you. I know what to do. I will cancel my credit card and remove my PayPal access.  This will cancel it I'm sure. Maybe we can get a phone call then.


If you paid viapaypal, you can go to paypal and deactivate the automatic payment.


My solution is to cancel the auto pay with your bank. Make Constant Contact call you instead. Nothing could be more frustrating than having to take time out of your day ( and for a small business person time is money) to do a task that falls under good Customer Service.


The only way to cancel an account is to CALL (takes awhile to even find that information).  And then CC makes you WAIT and WAIT, putting you on hold, asking why, etc.  Then they say they will cancel you and send you a follow up email to confirm cancellation.  What a surprise - I didn't receive that email!  So I am back again wasting time to find a way to chat or email, but they are closed.  At my hourly rate, my company has wasted a ton of $ on this cancellation which should have taken 2 minutes online!  I am truly disgusted and my opinion of this brand is ruined.

Occasional Participant

This is a kind of cheating, the customer doesn't have the option to discontinue the service through the portal, only the way is call and speak directly to customer service, they will never attend the calls.


I haven't been able to cancel my account either so I'm going to  let the Governors office know this is a predatory operation that doesn't give an option to delete accounts on line but allows every other option.  Why would that be?  I've been trying to close this account for some time.


Upgrading and signing up is a click away but if you want to cancel you have to go through so many steps. Your chat system is not available and nobody answers your **bleep**ing phone numbers. 


Canceling procedure is deceptive. Reporting to Attorney General for fraudulent practices.

Occasional Participant
It is v difficult to find out how to cancel subscription. Not a nice user feature

It is irritating to not be able to  suspend our account using your website.  You could easily add this but you don't, most likely because you don't want to make it easy for customers to suspend service. 

Instead you force us to call during business hours and wait on hold for long periods.

This shows a level of contempt for customers and the value of their time.

You may want to rethink this way of doing business in a competitive environment.




I waited for 20 minutes on the phone to cancel my account and then was disconnected.  It is pathetic that you don't allow cancellation online, as it would be so easy to actually help your customers. Please make this available so that people don't waste their time on the phone only to not get the job done.

Regular Participant

wow big big minus for them! never again!

cancel my service immediately cancel my service immediately cancel my service immediately
i think it is ridiculous that i have to call to cancel
I want to cancel

yeah its a numbers game and they are cocky about it.  cant wait to get on the phone and answer their question when they  say "but why do you want to cancel"  


yeah its a numbers game and they are cocky about it.  cant wait to get on the phone and answer their question when they  say "but why do you want to cancel"  Mailchimp allows you to cancel online.  never looked into it until the economy went south. glad i had the time to do the research.  i'll start back up with mailchimp once things pick up again.  thumbs down to constant contact forcing people to call in to give a bloody reason.

Health Practitioners & Centers
it's annoying and an inconvenience to call to cancel during your business hours. I'm not satisfied with the service.
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