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Cancel online!

Cancel online!

Hi Constant contact. We've used you off and on now for a while. A few months ago I kept getting calls from you to sign up and now we are saddled with a $40 per month fee for a service we rarely use. As a small business owner I don't respect that. I also think its pretty awful to not include a means to cancel online but rather make customers call you. A former customer,

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Customers should have the ability to cancel account at any time without having to call customer support. It feels like being held hostage and we don't appreciate it.
Account cancellations are difficult for users as we cannot cancel when we want to. We have to make our time available around the cancellation department as no other customer service person is able to help. This is bad business. All customer service should have access to billing and being able to cancel with no questions asked. I'm only available on weekends and so busy running my own business, I don't have time to call Monday through Friday. Or when I am available in the evening, the department I need is NOT available because it's closed. I'm currently being billed for a service I haven't used in 3 months and get the same service for FREE using my own program on my website.
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I have no words for it that I have to call to cancel my account !!!

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Frustrating. Always. We are a non-profit that only uses your services 2 months of the year. Would like to see an option where I could easily cancel by following a link. Instead, I must jump through hoops each time with your sales personnel.
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Please escalate this to the highest levels: by not allowing us to cancel online, and by forcing us to call and wait on hold, you are SHADY. This is slimy business practice. WE WILL NEVER USE CONSTANT CONTACT AGAIN. Rethink your ethos.
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Why do you make this so difficult to do? Should be automated in my account. BS.
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I would like to cancel my account.  I am currently trying to call customer support to cancel but have been on hold for a while.  Please cancel my account as of today, April 2, 2019.

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there is no way to delete account. you need to make that info more user friendly and upfront. you also need to be straight forward with your pricing and have that information available BEFORE you have to create an account


To cancel your account, please contact our Billing Team. Our specialists will not pressure you to keep your account. You will be asked to provide
feedback to ensure our products and services are improving for the future.

Be sure to contact us prior to your next billing date in order to avoid the next month's charges, and have the following information ready:

  1. User name of the account you want to cancel.
  2. Reason for your cancellation. We use this information to find ways to improve Constant Contact's products and service.

We'll send an email within 24 hours to your main account email address confirming your request.

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I should be able to cancel my account, by myself, online, and without talking to customer service. This is ridiculous.