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Tomorrow morning (8/26) from 07:00 AM - 08:00 AM ET we need to make a few updates to our site. During this time, no emails will be sent and some customers will not be able to access their contacts. We recommend finishing up your work before 07:00 AM and logging in after 08:00 AM ET. Thank you for your patience while we make these updates.

Cancel online!

Cancel online!

Hi Constant contact. We've used you off and on now for a while. A few months ago I kept getting calls from you to sign up and now we are saddled with a $40 per month fee for a service we rarely use. As a small business owner I don't respect that. I also think its pretty awful to not include a means to cancel online but rather make customers call you. A former customer,

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Where the **bleep** is the option to cancel my account? You have no problem taking MORE of my money on the weekend when you're not there. Why no clear route to cancel online? YOU KNOW this is evil. YOU DESERVE my scorn.

CTCT Employee
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Hello @RonL749


There is not currently an option to cancel online. In order to cancel your account you will need to call in to our support team. Their contact information can be found here:


I'm sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

Rob L.


I am having the same problem and as I live in Australia and the time difference is crazy! Every other online program I have allows you to cancel by email or has 24 hour service!!! This is an utter disgrace. Gael Dwyer 


Ridiculous situtation esp when we live in Australia. I contacted your Australian office and they said they were unable to help with the cancellation of our account and had no idea why our last payment was taken out on the 24 Dec instead of the 28th. And to top it off you cannot cancel an account online - I actually have to call you in the US but only in YOUR business hours - no 24/7 service! We are in totally different time zones!!! But you can take new clients online!!!! We have been with you for quite a lot of years now and I have raved about constant contact - but it seems that you like to make things difficult if anyone wants to cancel - I will be putting this up to our FB page.


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Dumb as hell to have to cancel this service by calling! Did you require me to call when signing up? So you streamline the sign-up process but make the cancellation I have to tell everyone I know not to use this company. Change the policy!

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Dear Team,


Please contact us.My credit card has been charged twice and I cant still use my account.Indina support number does not reply

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Agreed!  This is a total ploy to keep taking money each month.  Making it difficult to cancel is the sign the service is not working and they know it.  If Constant Contact really believes in their offerings they would allow us to cancel without so much hassle.

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I've been using Mailchimp, free for my @1000 contacts, and am very happy with it.

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It's so incredibly irritating that I have to call in to cancel my account and to add to that frustration, there's a 20 minute wait! Constant Contact really needs to make this simpler for customers. A "cancel subscription" button would be pretty ideal..