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I am frustrated that I can't simply cancel my account online. You can easily take our payments and change payments but you make it difficult to cancel our account; I have to contact during business hours and you don't have customer support during the weekends?! This makes me not want to use constant contact in the future.

I've spent too much time looking for a cancel button! I know it's against your interest, but it is just not cool.

Unbelievable, it's 2020 and you can't even let your user cancel online? 

This is literally the worse customer experience I have ever had. I emailed the support for cancellation and it's way past the expected 1 day of the response, and still haven't heard anything back.
I will just inform my card as stolen and deactivate it because this is much easier than canceling an account with you!  I simply hope your company rots. 


I'm trying to cancel my account before I am billed. I was misled into believing that I could sign-up for $10, in which i was able to do so, but now I'm seeing in my account that my next bill will be $195/Mth? I DID NOT sigh-up for this. This is VERY MISLEADING, and MANIPULATIVE. I'm also having the same issues cancelling my account online. I haven't had this service two days, nor have I even used it after seeing how much I'm scheduled to be billed. Wow, it's amazing how these companies trick you into your bank information just to ROB YOU BLIND every month. I WILL NOT be giving you a good review, but instead will inform EVERYONE I come into "constant contact" with to STAY AWAY FROM YOU!!! What a SCAM TACTIC you are running here. I WANT OUT, and I DO NOT wish to be billed!!!

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It is terrible. I have been on hold for 40 minutes to cancel my account. 


It should be possible to cancel or suspend my account without having to make a call, in my case I can't make that call, it should be possible through the admin panel itself or at least through the customer service chat.

It would be so much better and easier for your customers to be able to cancel their subscription online in a matter of seconds, instead of calling customer service and spending about 10 times more time.
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Hello Austin, I want to cancel my constant contact email. I didn't realize that you changed me out of my 30days free trial to a permanent subscription. Start FREE Today! No credit card required. I also did not get a notice prior to being charged. Austin, I have spoken to other reps at constant contact and was told that I should not have been charged for a free 30 days trial. It's not even 30 days yet and I'm charged a second fee. I do not like to be misled. Please refund my charges. I shared with the Reps that I would consider staying and downgrading to a different service, but after how my account been charged with no notice, I would like to cancel and get a full refund for now. Disappointed Audrey Thomas (404)915-6117
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Why the **bleep** do you guys make it so hard to cancel an account. This should be criminal. I shouldnt have to get on the phone to cancel an account. I should be able to click a button to cancel. Cancel my account or will file a chargeback because this is so **bleep**ing stupid.
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Hi @AudreyT53 we apologize for the experience you've had with the billing on your account! We have taken a look at your account and can see it was successfully canceled. Your feedback on this has been tracked to the appropriate teams in the meantime.

Why do you make cancellation hard

You have long wait times on hold, and should really allow users the option of cancelling ONLINE for our convenience. I have been a loyal customer for about  20 years, decided to go to another service, and will no longer recommend you because this feels like manipulation and poor customer service. 

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Email me please who you're using.  This is horrible. 

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Seeing that your new Editor tool doesn't accepts years worth of work that your customers have developed in CC, you are going to get a lot of people quitting. You'll most certainly lose your job. Make it easy on us to quit on line. And get your resume ready since you'll get laid off soon.
You make it very difficult to close an account. You don't show that as an option on your site. Then when I contacted you by phone I was on hold for a long time. Ridiculous for a company that is supposed to be great at digital communications.

Guys, the wait time for the help center and ability to not cancel the service is pretty frustrating and also you don't answer to your online chat at all. I've spent weeks trying to cancel and you've been no help at all.


not impressed 



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Dear Billing Team,


I am in India and want to Cancel my Account.

The Customer Contact Number for India on your website is WRONG.
Kindly provide me and Indian Customer Contact Number immediately as I need to Cancel my Account right away.


Hello Constant Contact,


Please cancel my account. 


I  have opted only for free one month account, but before one month gets over you raise the invoice for the next month and start sending it to us. This is very unprofessional way of working. I have not given any consent for the next paid month. Do not bill me henceforth. 


Also you have made the cancel process such complicated that person want find it easily and than after that you have to call on particular days and time only. This is nonsense. I am sorry but this policy is not right.






Totally agree it makes no sense that we cannot cancel or suspend our account on line. If this is not available in the future we will not be using your services. 


Cancelling ones account seems impossible with this company.  This is my 6th attempt at cancelling my account in two weeks.  No one answers email or replies to communication.  SHOCKING!!!!!!

I am deeply disappointed in Constant Contact for making it so hard to cancel or suspend account billing. I don't want to have to call someone. It is bad enough that my business imploded in 2020 and my bank account has drained. Honestly, shame on you.

F U Constant Contact unable to cancel online need to call your US CALL CENTRE DURING YOUR OFFICE HOURS BO HOO...

Easy work around get your bank to block their transactions or go report your card stolen!!! That's what we did!

I have tried to cancel my subscription, but your website doesn't make it easy
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As we can setup and pay for our account online, we should be able to login and delete the account as well.
Everything about constant contact is difficult to use for a regular person small business person who juggles a million things during the course of our day. We don't have time to watch videos and contact customer service a million times and wait for help. Only to be told that for 399.00 we will design it for you. I want to cancel my account and I cannot find a simple way to do so through this portal.
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Hi @EdwardT395 we're sorry to hear you feel this way about our system! While I can see you were able to cancel your account, how was working in our system difficult for you or how you would have expected our system to work differently? Having any further feedback on this is helpful for us to have as we are always open to ways we can better our user's experience. 


I agree.  This is representative of the toxic corporate culture in America.  Constant contact bullies its customers.


I run a nonprofit BY MYSELF with little-to-no support feeding the hungry and poor and Constant Contact keep charging me more each month. I think it's horrible that because of this horrible site people will literally starve. I take no money from donations for a salary, I help hundreds of thousands of people every year and this horrible service is taking away from this good work. I have to work so hard for every donation I receive to feed the masses. Constant Contact should be ashamed of themselves for taking away from people in need.


The fact that they go out of their way to make it difficult for you to cancel makes me question their business methods. An online business that doesn't accept online cancellation? That is a terrible business, if you ask me. I won't be coming back once the cancellation goes through.


Use HubSpot guys! Better options/functions and much more friendly to operate.


Constant Contact just feels like a scam!


Absolutely ridiculous you can't cancel online and have to wait on hold at a toll free number to do so. Very unprofessional and will NOT consider using constant contact again in the future.


I am still getting updates on this thread, months after canceling my account.  With each new message from an aggravated customer, you know what I am not seeing?  Any response from Constant Contact.  Constant Contact now has 4 pages of upset customers all that show up fairly high in search results if you search "Constant Contact".  Makes me smile that they are so oblivious to the issue that they are hosting a page filled with irate customers.

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CC makes it very easy to sign up but impossible to cancel. You must be hiding something. I want to cancel my account for this reason
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contact me at 715-579-9758 to cancel account.  should be illegal to not allow contact info to cancel.  Call me asap

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Please make it easier to cancel.


I am currently trying to cancel my account online.  Can someone please help??  This should not be difficult I should be able to log in and cancel!

Health Practitioners & Centers
Cancelling should be easier
It needs to be much easier to cancel accounts
Occasional Participant

I have been trying to cancel this for months.  Nobody ever answers the phone, there's nothing online re: cancelation.  Super shady!!!!

Regular Participant

I find it amazing that in this day in age you do not have a cancel button. I can sign up without talking to anyone, but to cancel I have to talk to someone. That's crazy. You will be left behind if you do not change.

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Just one more poor business practice by Constant Contact; the fact that I have to take time at YOUR convenience to cancel MY account that I pay for. Pathetic. I run 2 businesses - I need to do these kinds of things with the push of a button on weekends, not on a phone call during the week. I have used CC for several years, and paid you thousands of dollars, but in recent years it has been a cascade of disappointment. Eventually, your reputation will catch up to you. You don't treat well the people you purport to serve. Shameful. I want out.


So, a company that specializes in online content will only interface with customers in person by phone to cancel an account? That's funny right there, now! That does raise questions about how much how confident they really are in the medium they sell, though. #constantcontradiction

You truly make it difficult to cancel the subscription.
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It is ridiculous that you do not have a somewhere (or at least it's hard to find) where one can unsubscribe from paying for your service. It is unethical

It is so utterly frustrating trying to cancel an account. I have called 3 times in the past few days and after being on hold for 10-15 min. it says they are busy and hangs up. This is such a scam to making this cancel process such an incredibly tedious process! I will never come back to this company once I cancel cause of this singular situation. 


That's what happened to me. I canceled their service after seeing what they were offering and decided that I will not use it and don't intend to use it at any time in the future. A month later they billed me anyway and took it out of my checking account. Now I find that I have to call to get them to stop and get a refund. Fine, I will. There integrity is definitely damaged to me after reading the other complaints and finding that they have also done the same thing to me. 


I want my account cancelled and they keep charging me 

You should have a way to cancel online.

After surprisingly finding out that I could not cancel my account online, I called the international number (I live in Sweden) and first I spoke to a woman who at first couldn't even find my account/user ID. After a couple of minutes and me repeating my user ID four times she found it. I was asked to state my reason fro cancelling. Then I got transferred to someone else. Same thing there, had to state my reason for cancelling. Then he said "OK, I'll send you a confirmation email". I also asked him which email address he had, just to check, and it was correct.


According to the Help section it says "We'll send an email within 24 hours to your main account email address confirming your request". Over 24 hours have passed, I still haven't gotten a confirmation of my cancellation.


Do the people at Constant Contact even read this forum at all?!? The complaints about not being able to cancel an account online go years and years back.



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The way you force people to jump through hoops is ripe for a class action lawsuit. Your unsavory business practices leads me to one conclusion......
Every single other application allows one to cancel their subscriptions at the push off a button, but not Constant Contact! It is manipulative at best and criminal at worst. If you rely at all on word of mouth, this iis one mouth that will make sure none of his acquaintances ever do business with your corporation. 



It is ridiculous I have to CALL to cancel (during business hours, and international phone call from where I live!)  Put a frigging "cancel subscription" link on your site, like every other service does.  If people want to cancel, they want to cancel.  Don't make it a hassle.  It leaves a bad taste in a now-ex-user's mouth.  It's already an expensive online service, you should have better customer service than this.  


have an online cancellation option

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