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I am frustrated that I can't simply cancel my account online. You can easily take our payments and change payments but you make it difficult to cancel our account; I have to contact during business hours and you don't have customer support during the weekends?! This makes me not want to use constant contact in the future.


Why can't I cancel my account online. I can only call the US to do this and I live in Australia. This is supposed to be a tech company but lacks the basics to do what is needed online. I suspect this is deliberate to stop you from canceling your account without difficulty.  




Agreed.  Absolutely ridiculous.  I went to cancel and found this community through a google search when I was unable to cancel online.  ARGH.  Seriously CC?  Get it together.  I was only going to cancel temporarily and return in 60 days when I can refocus on my business but now I have no intention of returning.


This is absurd. I will never resume my account based on this absolutely ridiculous hoop jumping phone call requirement to cancel my account. Get it together constant contact. Not cool. Too many other options to choose from. Learn from your feedback and make the change. Period. Done. 

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For anyone who pays via Paypal, simply deactivate your monthly payments via PayPal. Constant Contact want to make it totally inconvenient to close your account. So just do it via Paypal instead and end the payments.

Why don't you have a cancel option online? Seem something super basic to offer to your customers.

Hi @RickH273 are you looking to cancel your account? While we're sorry to see you go we can help submit your cancellation request directly to our Billing Support on your behalf. We ask that you please email us at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com from a verified account email address — please include your account username, a reference to our conversation and the reason for cancellation. In the meantime we have merged your feedback post into a larger thread focused on users having the ability to cancel accounts online.


Initially I was not going to cancel my account, but when I figured out the **bleep** you make it to cancel,  I will not give Constant contact another dime.  This is a disgrace.

I can't believe you have to call to cancel the service. It's really inconvenient.
Not allowing customers to cancel online and forcing us to CALL YOU to give you feedback is a waste of time. IF we want to call you to give you feedback we will. If we want to cancel we should be able to do this online and not take our VALUABLE time to call you and hang on the phone with a rep to simple stop our credit card from being charged. ENOUGH with scam already.
I really dislike the fact that i cannot just cancel my plan. They want to kept your account auto paid and i don't agree with it. The fact that I have to call to cancel is ridiculous. I don't have time to wait on hold and discuss this. I just want my account canceled and this company doesn't care and just wants money. Would not recommend.

Your website says I can call to cancel my account until 10 pm ET.  Not true.  The recording says 8 pm ET.


I should be able to cancel on-line.


I called to cancel my subscription because I was closing my business. A billing support team member stated I had unused "non-use" credits good for seven months of service (first I heard of this). I stated I wanted to cancel anyways. He put me on hold for about five minutes. When he came back on, he said "your all set." I asked, "so you canceled my account." He said again, "you're all set." I asked if there was a confirmation number or email. He said no. His vague responses left me with an uneasy feeling that it was not canceled. However, under the 'My Account' there was confirmation my account was scheduled to be cancelled. While the service could have been better, I was able to cancel my subscription and get confirmation in less than 10 minutes.





There should be subscription cancel option. No email option to reply back also
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Yes, I agree! I love the product but need to cancel at this point. I don't want to have a call to cancel....most of us business owners do this work in the evenings and weekends when we don't have time to cancel this during the day! We just want to be able to buy products and cancel easily to suit our business. Unfortunately, making things hard to cancel is done by lots of others too...

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