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I am frustrated that I can't simply cancel my account online. You can easily take our payments and change payments but you make it difficult to cancel our account; I have to contact during business hours and you don't have customer support during the weekends?! This makes me not want to use constant contact in the future.


Wow all of this so helpful. And challenging -- I live in New Zealand (am I really supposed to call during business hours?) I would appreciate help canceling my account. 

Cancel plans without calling.
I have been trying to cancel my account with Constant Contact. There are no email addresses to whom I am allowed to correspond, making it nigh on impossible to cancel. I appreciate you want as much business as can be generated, but this does not seem to be an ethical way to carry out your business. I therefore choose to use this method along with any other that I am able find amongst your labyrinth of links to cancel my account I
How do I cancel my account?
The fact that you've made it so hard to cancel your subscription is all people need to see to look for another marketing software. **bleep** you
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