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Constant Contact won't let me cancel account

Constant Contact won't let me cancel account

I represent a not for profit Rotary Club that raises and then distributes funds to numerous charities in the New York City area. We were convinced by a former member to set up a Constant Contact account some time ago, but we have never really needed it. I contacted CC by phone recently in an attempt to cancel the account,  but I was informed that because we prepaid our fee a year in advance (in an attempt to save some money) we cannot cancel the account and get a pro-rated refund. This represents several hundred dollars, which could be put to better use then paying for an unused e-mail account. I consider this a rather heavy handed way of doing business and I will be submitting this disturbing practice to Rotary International, in an attempt to keep other Rotary Clubs across the country from falling into this trap and hopefully suggest they consider using one of your competitors instead.

Bob De Gennaro

CTCT Employee
Status changed to: Voting Open

Hello @BobD998,


I completely understand the frustration. I've gone ahead and opened this post for voting, thank you for this feedback.

New Member

Hello @Beatriz_R
Can I cancel my subscription without have to pay another bill for international call? I'm forced to subscribe while I just want to try Constant Contact and see if my small non profit organization would like it


Heavy handed practices just like their other business, Hostgator. Trying to cancel my account but they make it very difficult. 

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Used Constant Contact for work and for our 40th reunion email campaigns and when I discontinued monthly email service because it was no longer needed I was told I would have access to my account information (contact lists and email campaigns) for 60 days after deactivating.  This was a LIE!  Not only did they deactivate my account prior to the "paid up to" date, they cut off all access to my information.  If I want my contact list and campaigns, they want another $20.  Essentially holding my info for ransom.  I don't appreciated lies and under-handedness towards non-profits and will be discontinuing my use moving forward.  I will also be cancelling my accounts used for work and encouraging others to do so.  Constant Contact has become too greedy and selfish!