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I called this morning hoping to speak to someone about starting a campaign. I was reconnected to 3 different people and then was told that they could not help me with forming content for a campaign. I realize that you are not there to construct a campaign for me, however, I do expect suggestions as to the makeup of a successful campaign. I have been happy with customer service (technical support) to this point but will not hesitate to drop my account based on this morning's lack of support. Since your guy told me he could not help me because he doesn't understand my campaign I told him that will pay someone to do it for me and his response was, "ok, thanks for calling!" He either, a) doesn't know what he is doing, b)did not care, c)I had the wrong person. Not a good start to a Monday.

Hi @JulieS650

I am very sorry to hear of your experience. I've passed along your comments to the team lead overseeing the rep you spoke with. We're happy to help show or teach you anything you need within the account. Is there something I can help with now?



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