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It happens so often, you MUST do something about if for your customers to keep their sanity!  Too many times I have walked away from my computer, come back thinking my session is still alive.  After expending a considerable amount of work, I go to save it.  Then I get a message.  This time is was "cannot save your work", "Refresh screen".  After refreshing my screen I discover that I am not logged in and my work is gone.


THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!  At least my bank, the only other online agency I know of that times me out on such a short leash, actually logs me out so that when I come back I know I'm logged out AND DO NOT WASTE MY PRECIOUS TIME!


I'm sorry for yelling, but you are the ONLY online resource I ever have used that does this, and, as you can tell, I'm really upset about it.  I pay way too much for this kind of abuse.

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Hi @RobertR94032 thank you for sharing your feedback with us. At this time users are given an “are you still working” pop-up when their account is idle. Are you not receiving this pop-up? How long do you leave your account idle for before returning to continue working?

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Has anyone found a fix for this issue!! I am CONSTANTLY (pun intended!) having to log back in after just a short time frame. I need to be able to have access! Can you please allow for someone to say logged in until they log out or to choose the length of time until it times out at least!! I can be actively working on a project and it will log me out and I loose everything I have completed. The 'Are you still working' pops up when I am in the middle of building an email and I have not been idle more than a minute OR worse it pops up when I am in the middle of typing!!! Often I am forced to log back in at least 15 times a day! This is my biggest hardship with this platform!! Please if anyone knows how to fix this let me know!! Thanks!!

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