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It happens so often, you MUST do something about if for your customers to keep their sanity!  Too many times I have walked away from my computer, come back thinking my session is still alive.  After expending a considerable amount of work, I go to save it.  Then I get a message.  This time is was "cannot save your work", "Refresh screen".  After refreshing my screen I discover that I am not logged in and my work is gone.


THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!  At least my bank, the only other online agency I know of that times me out on such a short leash, actually logs me out so that when I come back I know I'm logged out AND DO NOT WASTE MY PRECIOUS TIME!


I'm sorry for yelling, but you are the ONLY online resource I ever have used that does this, and, as you can tell, I'm really upset about it.  I pay way too much for this kind of abuse.

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Hi @RobertR94032 thank you for sharing your feedback with us. At this time users are given an “are you still working” pop-up when their account is idle. Are you not receiving this pop-up? How long do you leave your account idle for before returning to continue working?

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